Day 11 – Day 15

Day 11


1) Chin-ups 4sets reps 10-15

2) Deadlifts 4sets heavy reps 8-13

3) Latpulldown machine 4sets reps 15,12,10,8

4) Seated rowing on machine 3sets reps 15,12,10

5) Barbell rowing 3sets heavy reps 8-13

6) Seated rowing with rope on machine 3sets each set 15reps


1) Dumbbell curl 4sets reps each hand 20-25

2) Barbell curl EZ rod 3sets 7.5 kg weight reps 25 each set

3) Prechure curl machine 3sets reps 20-25

4) Concentrate 3sets reps 20ravali heavy weight

Day 12


1) Seated Barbell military press on smit machine 4sets reps 15,12,10,8

2) Seated Barbell military press on smit machine on front 3sets 15reps each set

3) Superset: Dumbbell press one hand 15reps again left hand 15reps both hand’s 15reps

Second set same 12reps

3rd set same 10reps increase weight every set

4) Dumbbell side lateral raises alternate bend over and back side raises 3sets reps 18,15,15

5) Front raises with plate heavy weight 4sets reps 12-20

6) Dumbbell shrugs 5sets reps 15-20 heavy


1) Decline close grip Barbell press 3sets reps 10-15

2) Decline skull crush with EZ rod 3sets reps 15 each set

4) Push down machine 4sets reps 15-20 hold on 1sec when pushing down

4) Heavy Dumbbell 3sets reps 15each set

Upper abs:

1) Decline bench crunches with Dumbbell 4sets reps 20-25

2) Decline bench only half crunch 20-25reps 3set

3) Abs machine 4sets

Day 13


1) Free squats 4sets 30reps each set

2) Barbell squats full down 4sets reps each set 10-15 reps

3) Walking lunges with Barbell 1set and 1set leg extension 4sets 15reps each set

4) Leg curls on machine 15-20reps 3sets

5) Leg press on machine heavy 4sets 15-20 reps

6) Seated calf press on machine 3sets each set 25reps

20mins trademill

15mins incline walking on 15 and 5mins cooldown

Day 14


Warm-up 2sets

1) Barbell bicep curl with chest rod 4sets reps 10-15

2) EZ rod half reps 4sets reps 10-15

3) Seated bicep curl both hands half reps 15-20 3sets alternate picture curl single hand dumbbell bicep full 4sets reps 12-15

4) Dumbbell inner hammer curls alternate each hand 15reps 3sets

5) Standing Dumbbell concentration each hand 12-15reps 3sets


1) Standing EZ rod alternate sleeping same weight same rod reps 12-15 4sets

2) Rope extension bending position on machine 4sets alternate press down with rope reps 15-20

3) Single hand Dumbbell extension 3sets reps each hand 15reps

4) Heavy Dumbbell 3sets reps 15compalsary

5) Kick back on machine 4sets

Day 15


1) Decline Barbell press 4sets reps 15,12,10,8

2) Decline Barbell press 4sets reps 15-12

3) Flat bench half Dumbbell press 4sets alternate Dumbbell fly’s 3sets 15reps

4) Cable fly’s one hand 15 reps one hands 15reps both hands 15reps 3sets

5)  Bar dips alternate legs on bench push-ups 3sets

5) Dumbbell pull over 4sets reps 15-12


1) Press down on machine 4sets reps 40,30,20,10 again reverse 10,20,30,40

2) Bench dips 3sets each set reps 25

3) Single hand Dumbbell extension 3ets reps each hand 15reps

4) Dumbbell kick back 3sets each set 15reps

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