I’m a software engineer in e-commerce at the largest retailer in the world. I have been dedicated to fitness my entire life.  As a young boy, I was called fat and decided at that time I wanted to become a fitness model and change my life.  I started like most people by weight training and pumping, but never could see results.  I decided to research a little bit and start off again. It took me 6 months of research and 3 months of dedication so see my first result of loosing more than 30lbs of weight.  After that, I made significant changes to my diet and workout and now find myself addicted to it.  It’s amazing how I transformed by body from a fat kid to lean machine.  My body is a result of clean dieting, dedication and consistency. My current weight is 177lbs with 8% body fat. My next goal is to win men’s physique and classic physique championship in July 2018.